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Scratch conference Amsterdam 2015




This podcast was made in Vienna after I have met Derek at the Scratch conference Amsterdam 2015 (hashtag: #sratchams2015). It started in place of the weekly german-language Biertaucherpodcast 219 and has a short intro in German language.

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  • 0:00:00 Welcome at "Biertaucherpodcast", intro in German language
  • 0:01:08 Introducing our guest speaker Derek in German language. Gregor's speaks english about his topics (Horror films) for this show.
  • 0:02:39 (from here on in English language) Horst has written a blog-posting about Scratch Conference in Amsterdam #scratch2015ams conference
  • 0:03:11 Derek Breen introduces himself as Author of the book Scratch for kids (for dummies series)" and speaks about his first ever tour to Europe.
  • 0:04:20 Derek gives his personal impression about the scratch2015ams conference in Amsterdam. He also speaks about his past jobs in MIT and about the last Scratch conference in Boston.
  • 0:05:54 #scratch2015ams: Woman and non-techies at the Scratch conference in Amsterdam. Derek about touring for his own book. Derek become radicalized about open-source in Amsterdam
  • 0:07:26 #scratch2015ams: Derek about workshops he visited and he missed out: Leap motion controller (a bit like microsoft kinect control) to make a "air cello"
  • 0:08:55 #scratch2015ams: Derek about party, unconference and spontanity in Waag building, Amsterdam. Plans about Coder-Dojo in Ireland, Codeweek in Europe.
  • 0:10:19 #scratch2015ams: belgium nation-wide tech day to get every kid into coding (in a big soccer stadium). Projects with RaspberryPi. Ignite talks (5 minutes per topic). Linda Liukas "Hello Ruby" keynotes: coding for girls
  • 0:13:00 #scratchams2015: Frank Sabaté (from Barcelona) last talk about bringing grandmothers and robots into coding classes / sewing costumes for robots. Meeting interesting people at the scratch conference
  • 0:14:52 #scratch2015ams: Last panel at scratch conference: the future of scratch, young students speak about how scratch was changing their lives.
  • 0:16:53 #scratch2015ams: in-build share repository for scratch at the scratch website (a bit like github).
  • 0:17:36 Störgeräusch: A big black dog is scaring us a bit
  • 0:18:00 #scratch2015ams: Horst discovered another blogposting about the scratch conference by Joachim Wedekind.
  • 0:19:00 the mystery occupation of busy computing people at tech conferences
  • 0:19:46 #turtlestitch: Andrea Mayr's fork of the snap project to use visual programming language to program stitching machines and create sewed patterns on textile. Eric Rosenbaum's 3D beetleblocks software and output on 3d printers. Eric's Music apps: singing fingers
  • 0:23:47 Eric Rosenberg's makey makey project: use physical objects as input device, Kickstarter project right out of MIT. Fascinating Makey Makey use cases.
  • 0:25:38 #turtlestitch Andrea's Masterclass in the pre-conference. Derek is very impressed with turtlestitch. How to get invited by Andrea. Drawing patterns with stitchcode and output at the stitching machine.
  • 0:29:20 Derek about being an author on tour and giving scratch workshops and being hosted by people from scratch conference
  • 0:31:31 Derek about living with locals instead of being a classical tourist. Egon Schiele paintings in Wien Leopold museum. Schoolgirls love of Klimt images.
  • 0:34:02 Linux Voice Issue 19 is out, will be creative-commons cc-by-sa licensed in some months. Gregor about his impressions of Linux Voice
  • 0:36:31 Wikipedia is asking for donation money, donating via Bitcoin was not working. Horst about teaching a Scratch workshop: zombie game, mario-remake. About using vector graphics for art. Derek about teaching scratch to a kid.
  • 0:29:22 Horst about Snap, a scratch fork without Flash technology. Wanted feature: Missing clone-to-clone collision detection instead of clone to sprite collision detection.
  • 0:41:09 German language Game Podcast: Wir schweifen ab. Story driven games and Music in games. Gergor recommends listening to this podcast. referring to Indiegame the movie
  • 0:43:43 Boston festival of indie games, #bostonfig independent game magazine: post-mortem storys and lesson learned about (not published/ published) games
  • 0:44:44 German Podcast subreddit: reddit/de_podcasts has a wiki, every reddit user can edit and add podcasts
  • 0:45:55 Film: Gregor is watching Horror films: it follows (2014). Gregor is very impressed.
  • 0:51:25 tv series: romantic comedy "Kevin from work"
  • 0:52:38 tv series: Mr. robot, asperger hacker vs. the world
  • 0:56:33 tv series: real humans (Äkta människor ) get an U.S remake: Humans. Derek tries to explain to us why U.S. Americans need to remake films and series instead of just dubbing / subtitling. Link was found on britische sitcoms blog.
  • 1:02:00 Gregor and Derek chat about tv-series and films
  • 1:05:00 Invitation to join our podcast each tuesday night, 19:30

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