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This podcast was made while Derek was in Vienna after working in South Africa for African Code week. In Vienna Derek did an workshop together with Andrea Mayr about Derek's Scratch for kids for dummies book and the turtlestitch project as part of European Code Week 2015 (hashtag: #codeEU).

The podcast was done with the crew and of the weekly german-language Biertaucherpodcast 226 and is full-length in English language

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  • 0:00:00 Greeting, introduction, thanks to sponsor, location of recording
  • 0:01:14 we speak english because of guest Derek Breen
  • 0:01:39 short preview: what we will talk about
  • 0:04:03 Thomas Perl speaks about 3d game programming using Python and pyglet / openGL and his not-yet-really-functional 3d game
  • 0:07:17 Horst did an Scratch-Workshop (programming an zombie game) in an Austrian school and was pleased to find a functional dual-boot installtion with Ubuntu mate. About the failure of teaching in an unknown room and allowing students to use windows with internet explorer / flash player. Scratch1 and 2 offline, difference between Scratch and Scratch2. Plans for Scratch using HTML5, alternatives to Scratch: Snap. Remixing of Scratch projects.
    • 0:12:31 Scratch: translated programming keywords, teaching for non-english-speaking children. Scratch 1 was written in Smalltalk
    • 0:14:40 Scratch: pixel painting vs. vector painting
    • 0:16:21 Scratch: pro-tip direct from the MIT: say "Paintball" to violent video games
    • 0:18:40 Scratch: future versions of visual/text programming (sucessor of Scratch): GP
  • 0:20:00 GP: fusion of scratch and python, design goals of GP. Vector graphics in Snap. Will GP be open source? Scratch 3.0 in html5 ?
  • 0:24:21 Derek speaks about teaching Scratch workshops in South Africa during African Codeweek
  • 0:27:27 Derek and Horst speak about European Codeweek Workshop in Vienna with Andrea Mayr, spielend-programmieren and the Turtlestitch project: programming stitching machines.
  • 0:29:10 Turtlestitch: multi-colored hack techniques stitching machines.
  • 0:31:16 Food break: we enjoy dishes Viennas fine kurdish Restaurant, Zypresse
  • 0:32:12 (Horst orders more beer). Gregor ask Derek about the CodeEU "ode to code" robo dance. Derek explains how he become EUCodeweek ambassador. Derek breakdancing in Africa
  • 0:35:50 African CodeWeek: situation of Computerlabs and CS education in south african schools. Derek will go back to South Africa.
  • 0:37:35 (after dinner break) We speak nostalgic about our first (computer game) love. Horst about learning basic out of a book, playing zaxxon and trying to copy computer programs on audio tape. Nostalgic talks about shops selling computer games and old video games.
  • 0:43:40 Humble Bundle: Horst played the Tweedpunk-Survival game "Sir, you are being hunted". French translation of the game
  • 0:49:16 Gregor wanted to see The Martian. Derek has seen the movie (in German language) but did not understood any word. Similarities to film "Cast away". We talk about dubbing voices in foreign films.
  • 0:57:13 rumors about a new McGyvers TV series
  • 0:57:50 Horst talks about being official voting witness for Vienna's 2015 election, funny failures while voting, possibilities to mess up the voting procedure. How to register yourself as official voting (counting) witness.
  • 1:11:10 advantages of spending some hours as official voting witness
  • 1:14:06 announcment: Ana from kickstarter project Robowunderkind. Interview at the end of this podcast. Interview is also downloadable as a seperate download
  • 1:15:36 Thomas asks Derek about minimzing feedback delay / instant gratification while programming with Scratch (for children).
  • 1:27:07 Denis talks in German about the Hitler movie "Er ist wieder da", Horst translates into English
  • 1:30:19 Denis is testing Horst's translation capacity: Donaudampfschiffagenturkapitänkajütenfensterscheibensprung (note: The correct word is Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft instead of -agentur)
  • 1:31:03 Denis about the "er ist wieder da": people making selfies with not-so-fake Hitler. Denis explains (in German) about illegality of the "Hitler greeting", Horst translates.
  • 1:32:39 Gregor conjures a similartie between the Hitler movie "Er ist wieder da" and "the martian". Cohen films. Thomas makes silly direct-to-english translations to confuse us. Iron sky movie and fan projects. Bernd speaks about dubbing foreign movies in the U.S., Derek explain that is next to impossible to see an German film in U.S. cinemas
  • 1:40:11 dismissal of podcast,
  • 1:40:48 Ana speaks about the founders of the project Robo Wunderkind
  • 1:49:55 End of Ana's Interview

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