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Maker Faire Rome 2015




The first official episode of the international open podcast! After our trip to Maker Faire Rome (hashtag #mfr15) we had a lot to relate. This podcast was recorded in Vienna with the crew of the weekly German-language Biertaucherpodcast 227. It is the first official version of the international open podcast.

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  • 0:00:00 Welcome, greetings, introduction of speakers
  • 0:00:41 our url: and the topics we want to speak about today
  • 0:02:20 Stefan talks about Refugee Hackathon Vienna in Sector5 and Stockwerk: and about geometry cutting tricks
  • 0:05:10 Refugee Hackathon: Where2Help: Matchmaking software for volunteer helpers and changing demand for helpers. Covered in Austria national radio: blog-entry with picture from Stephan:
    • 0:11:00 Refugee Hackathon: role of agile software management and project management in volunteer groups
    • 0:13:18 Refugee Hackathon: How to start your own Hackathon, minimum requirements, more interesting Refuge Hackathon projects
    • 0:18:34 Refugee Hackathon: motivation, free food and fame. Hotel in Vienna run by refugees:
    • 0:21:07 Refugee Hackathon: mostly male coders, not many female Coders. Interesting spin-off projects
    • 0:23:28 Refugee Hackathon: participation of refugees in during the Hackathon.
  • 0:24:13 Time and date: we recorded this Podcast on 20. oct. 2015 inside the kurdish restaurante Zypresse in Vienna:
  • 0:24:40 learning / Game: Denis is intrigued by the commercial game "human resource machine" from tomorrow cooperation (makers of World of Goo). "Program" humans in a game and learn a bit about assembler programming
  • 0:34:00 learning / Game: learn to code and problem solving with javascript by elevator saga:
  • 0:34:53 retro game: Commodore 64 games and demos are still be developed, more than ever before. Using emulators to play C=64 games on your smartphone
  • 0:43:58 battery change break, Denis plays tricks on Horst
  • 0:44:49 pop culture reference: 21-oct. 2015 is an important date for Back to the future fans. Age of the flying Hoverboards
  • 0:47:09 learning to code / game: Horst made his first teaching using Makey Makey during his programming courses for children at
  • 0:52:17 learning to code: Eric Rosenbaum and history of Makey Makey / MIT lifelong Kindergarten jay silvers ted talk about makey makey
  • 0:54:03 Firefox: running Unreal Tournament inside the browser, control the game using bananas and makey makey. Other makey makey projects
  • 0:58:29 Music / Euruko Talk: about performing audio and visual effects life music with Sonic Pi
  • 1:03:46 Maker Faire Rome: Derek and Horst talk about their first road trip together to Maker Faire Rome 2015 see pictures Maker Faire will come to Vienna: 16. and 17. april 2016
    • 1:06:47 Maker Faire: other things than 3D-printers: Music!
    • 1:09:43 Maker Faire: the visitors of Maker Faire Rome, our favorite projects: heavy metal music robots, bamboo bicycle, "children coding area".
    • 1:12:06 Maker Faire: more about projects and open-source projects: one-way drone, sojus space-ship docking simulator, switching table
    • 1:14:32 Maker Faire: Derek talks about Coding Dojos for children on Maker Faire. Extra hardware for RaspberryPi and Arduino
    • 1:16:00 Maker Faire: strange things Horst observed: student riots, toilet situation, limited food options, stylish roman people
    • 1:20:26 Maker Faire: How to make Italian makers very happy
    • 1:21:33 Maker Faire: Derek about out-of-the-U.S. experience and Italians engineering history and style
    • 1:23:13 Maker Faire: visiting Rome: huge impressive graveyard with wild parrots and wild cats, traveling by sleeper car
  • 1:25:37 very sudden end of podcast (batteries ceased to function)
  • 1:25:38 additional links for this podcast:

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