Horst JENS
Horst JENS
is self-employed and teaches Python open source game programming for children in Vienna. Derek BREEN
is writing awesome programming booksamazon and currently travels the world creating computer programming curriculums and tv-shows. Horst and Derek share a toast
Horst and Derek share a toast.


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Episode 004 of the international open podcast: Horst JENS talks (via Google Hangout) with Derek BREEN about Scratch, teaching programming, license-tainted courseware, conferences and Derek's educational TV-Show in Moscow

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technical note: This podcast was recorded between two continents via Google Hangout on Air and has some static noise due to the used microphones.

  • 0:00:00 intro (Horst)
  • 0:00:17 greetings, introduction
  • 0:00:23 we are recording this podcast using Google Hangout Air. Time differences
  • 0:01:05 Derek talks about the production of intopenpodcast003 in Moscow. Plans for more Podcasts in Moscow. Finding recording-friendly restaurants, problems with background music and music industry
  • 0:03:00 How to pronounce "Moscow" correctly. Derek was 3 months in Moscow, studying Russian via free DuoLingo App.
  • 0:03:50 Tv-series "School of the future": Internet education television, Pilot was produced in Russia with Derek (talking English, translated in post-production). Huge target audience Moscow, also aimed at international audience.
  • 0:08:50 Curriculum: Open educational resources, creative-commons licensed, made with adaption/remixing by teachers in mind.
  • 0:10:00 Computer Lab / School situation in Russia. Elite vs. "every school" approach? Kids teaching in the Scratch workshops. Empowering kids to teach each other. Derek visited 3 schools, Macbooks in schools, no Desktop computer labs?
  • 0:12:50 No Linux in Moscow: Linux was no topic, Apple was stronger than Windows/PC in schools there.
  • 0:13:36 Derek is reviewing Linda Lukas computer book for children. Derek propose an Scratch project with Linda's artwork.
  • 0:14:50 Hour of code, big brands (Disney, StarWars) use Google blockly to teach Computer Science. No remix possibility? Scratch is better for remixing. Horst rants against license-tainted, non-free art and content in education material.
  • 0:16:50 Scratch having the same problems as Youtube: content industry demands removal of Scratch projects because copyright violations (music)
  • 0:17:30 Cartoon network scratch projects: not free licensed, but remixable within Scratch. Legal situation?
  • 0:20:40 Horst was in contact with Digital Champion meeting in Austria (in an European Community Building), being the only one speaking about creative commons and free licenses.
  • 0:22:08 How to get kids into coding? Horst prefers coding python in text mode, Derek favors vector graphics in Scratch.
  • 0:23:40 Real (computer) life cartoon charakters in Linda Lukas book: Tux, Firefox, Apple, Android. Linda's TED-Talk.
  • 0:24:00 Social Status gain of having a TED Talk. Derek is burnt out on Ted Talks and find them exhausting.
  • 0:25:36 But hip-hop-infused presentation by Bernard Hankins at TEDx Charlottesville, Virginia was awesome.
  • 0:27:20 Horst and Derek Conference visits.
  • 0:28:15 Derek will present at CESI Conference in Dublin.
  • 0:29:00 Horst makes pitch to listeners to host Derek (homeless wandering author).
  • 0:29:40 Further reflection on Maker Faire Rome
  • 0:30:30 Horst imagines giving a largely silent TED Talk.
  • 0:31:20 Virtues of short vs. long conference presentations.
  • 0:33:55 TeachMeets make presentations more democratic.
  • 0:35:30 Horst suggests Derek find an international (Russian?) bride to escape visa hassles.
  • 0:35:55 Derek vists exclusive Moscow restaurant (Central House of Writers), being wined and dined by Moscow's art elite.
  • 0:28:15 Derek mentions Russian documentary on pioneering aviator, "The People Who Made The Earth Round."
  • 0:42:15 Horst calls for submission of interviews for podcast and articles for International Open Magazine.
  • 0:44:20 Derek says Instapaper is great way to collate longer web articles.
  • 0:45:20 Horst invites social media helper(s).
  • 0:51:15 Derek reflects on his participation in Moscow Open Innovations Forum and Exposition.
  • 0:51:40 Discussion of media propoganda around delay in Syria peace talks.
  • 0:54:45 Derek describes Moscow "School of the Future" project.
  • 0:57:50 Idea of international STEAM camp exchange.
  • 1:03:00 Horst is soliciting/publishing older articles.
  • 1:03:20 Mourning/honoring artificial intelligence and educational technology titan Marvin Minsky.

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