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Have a feature request? Detected bad spelling or worse errors in an article? Don't hesitate to create an Issue at our Github site.

If you just want to discuss an article with others, please use you preferred social media network using the hashtag #IntOpenMag. Click on the Discuss Icon on the left sidebar to see a selection of social networks. If you prefer email over social networks (good choice!), use our mailing list.

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The International Open Magazine needs especially articles about the topics open source, free software, open education and related topics (open data, open access journals etc.). As a general rule, if it is free licensed, it may be interesting. Highly wanted are articles first-hand experiences of conferences and events. Generally speaking, if your article is related to the idea of Openness, we are very interested.


Detailed instructions of how to submit content via git can be found at the official Github project page of the International Open Magazine:

  • inside if you knwo how to work with Github / git

It is also possible to simply send the article by email to:

Text format

  • Please send an textfile in Markdown format. See and modify accrding to your needs

license, copyright

You need to make sure that all your submitted content is free licensed. It is extreme important that you created the content yourself or have the copyright of the content yourself or have the permission of the copyright owner to put the content under a free license!

Please note that cc-by-nc (non-commercial) content is NOT allowed.

Please note that neither Faire use nor public domain officially exist in European law system.

Allowed licenses:


Please keep in mind that the content must be lawful for the publisher (at the moment, the laws of the republic of Austria apply). While political content is generally welcome, several laws and rules forbid especially the support for the former Nazi party NSDAP. Other laws forbid the display of pornographic material with children, assistance to suicide, calumny and Copyright infringement. As the publisher is no lawyer and does not want to hire one, just use your common sense before submitting content. If in doubt, write an email to Horst JENS or to the mailing list.