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You can find all podcast episodes and shownotes by clicking the category "podcast" link on the left menu, or under this url:

  • http://internationalopenmagazine.org/category/podcast.html

podcast feed


Due to technical reasons, the feeds generated by international open magazine are not podcast-feeds but feeds about the webpages.

To get the international open podcast into your podcatcher or feedreader please point him to one of those two links:

download podcast

You can also download the audio files of each episode, just right click on the link with the mp3 or ogg file.


If you are using the walled garden system of apple itunes, you can listen to all episoded of the international open podcast:

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Additionally, each episode of the international open podcast is hosted on the official youtube channel of the international open magazine.

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Do you run a podcast site and spoke about or linked to the international open podcast ? We link back from here, just send a link and your logo to horst.jens@gmail.com. To link to our podcast, use this html code inside your website:

<a href="http://internationalopenmagazine.org/category/podcast.html"><img src="http://internationalopenmagazine.org/images/international-open-podcast-logo2.png" alt="international open podcast logo" width="120"></a>

replace width="120" with a value of your choice. Logo images in other formats can be found at http://internationalopenmagazine.org/images

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